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It is notoriously well known that when dealing with obesity, it is necessary to reduce energy intake and increase energy expenditure. But, to start always and always is necessary drinking regime! Even if we sincerely (not declaratively) make the decision to start a weight loss program but fail to modify our drinking regimen, we are not eligible to advance to the next level. We’re done and we haven’t started yet! I’ve written about this before, I’ll briefly recap the principles. The minimum daily water intake for adults in temperate climates and in stable weather (spring and autumn for us) is most easily calculated by the formula: body weight (kg) x 30 ml. So, for example, at 80 kg it is 80 x 30 = 2400 ml. Half of this (1200 ml) should be drunk within six hours of getting up, the rest in the next part of the day. Coffee, tea and even soups are not included in the above amount!! Tap water is the most preferable. Low mineral mineral water „without bubbles“ can be something of a bonus. More than three quarters of overweight people have a huge problem with their drinking because they drink disastrously little. The moment we calculate the daily water requirement by simple maths, some are seized with panic, others are told that there is no way they can manage it, but there have been those who have not come to the follow-up… How to do it, we’ll tell you next time.


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