School project- Pupil's drinking habits

Within the framework of the enviro project, an educational E-project Celeste EUŽP © of pupil and parent connected with water quality control at the end user is being carried out in the school.

The quality of drinking water supplied from the public water supply can be influenced by the quality of the water distribution system on its way to the consumer.

The project operates in the form of a hands-on enviro experience for the pupil and parent. Water testing answers the question of the quality of tap water and its suitability for drinking. The parent can use the project to improve the child’s drinking regime and at the same time save on the cost of the drinking regime.

It highlights its quality and puts it in a new light.  The project orients the pupil to reduce consumption of sugary drinks and PET waste.                                   

Water quality control includes detection and collection of water for analysis / 10 indicators/. Parent to pay 0€.

On the basis of the water analysis /10 indicators/ the family is awarded a Celeste EUEP subsidy for a PET bottle-free drinking regime. The project is fully funded by the Celeste EUEF© enviro project for the school. A Celeste staff member will come to the reported parents to collect the water for analysis.

Pupil participation in the project is voluntary.

The only way to truly educate and change is to be a role model. A role model in decency, humanity and helpfulness. The only way to be a real parent is to be a role model to your children. There are few real parents. The only way to be an educator a child will remember for a lifetime is to be a role model.
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