Enviroprogram Village ED60

It is suitable for households living in villages that use well water. In most cases, this is contaminated. As part of the Municipality ED60 programme, we take care of your wells and treat the water quality to a high standard.  

Enviroprogram Village ED60 contains :

  1. Well water control- 9 indicators
  2. Well disinfection program- using ED60 disinfection
  3. Eligibility for subsidised PRO filtration programme
  4. Consultation and advice by expert staff
  5. Service

Celeste checks water indicators with a modern portable Merck laboratory. We evaluate various water quality indicators such as:

  • Nitrates NO3
  • nitrites NO2
  • Fe2
  • Fe3
  • RL substances
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia and others
Filter na vodu
Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in.
Radoslav Gajdoš
Ing. Radoslav Gajdoš

Enviroprogram City

It is suitable for households connected to the water supply.

Filtration removes bound chlorine, chlorine compounds and substances from worn water pipes. The initial filter efficiency is 99%. 

The water reaches the parameters of expensive still water. Its mineralisation is preserved.

Enviroprogram City PRO contains :

  1. Drinking advice and education
  2. Installation of filtration equipment
  3. Regular sending of replacement cartridges
  4. Service and 24-hour support
CELESTE PRO drinking water filtration complies with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. 550/2007 Coll. for the treatment of drinking water. It does not change the health value of water. 
Filter na vodu
The food and water we consume may be the safest and strongest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
Radoslav Gajdoš
Ing. Radoslav Gajdoš


EIP is the designation of the exclusive ingredient in the filters used in an enviro project. Celeste EIP composition increases the filtration efficiency and its impact on human health.
EIP in the filter acts to increase attention, creativity and is therefore suitable for students. It has beneficial effects on the digestive and nervous system.
EIP filtration is suitable for allergy sufferers, celiacs, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Filtration Celeste PRO

On the basis of the water analysis and detection test, we provide a 100% subsidy for the purchase of the filtration equipment, covered by the Celeste © enviro project.

The water is filtered by passing it through active natural rocks in a similar way to spring water.

The filter cartridge is changed every year and has enough capacity for a large family or a smaller office. 

  • does not remove minerals from the water
  • captures more than 103 harmful substances
  • is fast flowing and bacteriostatic
  • contains a special EIP filter formulation
  • safe filter replacement at 1/3 of filter life
  • tested in accredited laboratories at home and around the world
  • use worldwide since 1958
  • in Slovakia since 1994

CELESTE EIP Pro drinking water filtration complies with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No.550/2007 Coll., for the treatment of drinking water. The mineralization of the water remains preserved !

Celeste EIP Pro filtration is suitable for all ages, for athletes, children and pregnant women. It has a significant effect in increasing immunity.

Chlorine removal
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