Sprchový filter chlór

Filter Shower PRO

The client includes in the price of the monthly flat rate water treatment for showering with a shower filter of the professional PRO series. It reliably filters both hot and cold water. It removes not only chlorine but also chloramine, lead, heavy metals, iron, hydrogen sulphide and other harmful and irritating substances from the water with high efficiency.

Filter replacement is after 12 months. 

When activated, a one-time fee of 26€. Additional years 0€ fee. 

The Shower PRO filter is effective in:

  • psoriasis (psoriasis) and various eczema (e.g. atopic eczema)
  • sensitive skin and skin problems
  • itchy skin after bathing – especially suitable for sensitive children’s skin
  • odours in the nappy-wearing area
  • prevention of allergies, asthma and various skin manifestations
  • dry and irritated skin
  • prevents skin dryness and irritation of the eyes and skin
  • sensitive nasal mucosa

Flat rate 4€/month

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