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Contributing to environmental improvement since 1994


  • we are active in the field of health and environmental protection / since 1994/
  • cooperates with municipal authorities in the protection and control of wells / since 2003/
  • we provide water filtration for dispensaries and pharmacies / since 2008/
  • we are active in schools – project on drinking regime for children and young people / since 2010/
  • we are implementing a project for the reduction of PET waste in cities / since 2014/
Celeste environmentálne siete

Only those who have walked the road know where the deep potholes are on the road.
The reward is the journey itself.


Our vision is to permanently reduce PET waste and improve the health of people and nature.

We are building a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations for a happy and rewarding life.

Celeste environmenálne siete

The best time you could have planted a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.


My family has been using CELESTE water filtration equipment continuously for more than a quarter of a century. We can’t get enough of it and can’t imagine our drinking regime or our household without it. This positive experience has sparked interest in other CELESTE projects. I appreciated and still appreciate the help the company has given to improve the quality of drinking water in the villages. Especially those that are connected to municipal, individual or collective drinking water sources. As a supporter of active health protection, I have also received with great satisfaction the initiative by which CELESTE has extended its activities to pre-school and school-age children, pharmacies, doctors‘ surgeries and, last but not least, to the drinking needs of people in various workplaces. I wish CELESTE to have even more satisfied clients like me and my family and I wish them a lot of perseverance and enthusiasm in continuing to promote the proper quality assurance of drinking regimes.

Bratislava, 13 July 2022                                                                           MUDr. Karol Džupa, CSc.

Name MUDr. Karol Džupa, CSc. needs no introduction in medical circles. We are all the more grateful for his recommendation.

He is the author of more than 150 titles in his lecturing and publishing activities. He has actively lectured and published throughout Central and Western Europe, as well as in Ukraine and Kenya. He is the author of 16 monographs. He has received several awards for research and publication, especially in the field of nutrition. He has more than 50 citations in peer-reviewed literature and a total of 10 Czechoslovak peer-reviewed priorities and one European priority. All this is just a very brief list of activities from the rich work history of Dr.

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