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What are we doing ?


Improving drinking in Slovakia and reducing PET waste at the same time

Our goal is to permanently reduce PET waste.

With Celeste PRO filtration we treat drinking water from the tap. This way, it acquires infant quality and an exceptional taste. 

We provide selected locations with a 100% subsidy for the purchase of filtration equipment, paid for by the Celeste © enviro project.

Znižovanie PET odpadu
Time and health are precious resources that we don't value at first. We only understand their true value when we have exhausted them.
Ing. Radoslav Gajdoš


Our focus

Protection of the environment

Today, climate change and environmental disruption is a huge issue and challenge that we must face as a society. According to several expert sources, we have only a few years left to start treating the environment differently.

If this does not happen, our Earth will find itself in a situation that will no longer be solvable.

One of the many ways in which we as a society are contributing to the deterioration of the environment is through the overconsumption of PET bottles.
The world currently produces 300 million tonnes of plastic waste per year. A large amount of this huge mass ends up in the oceans. However, it does not completely decompose in nature.

It takes 400 years for the plastic to partially decompose – it breaks down into smaller particles. These are then harmful to animals and also to us humans.


Health promotion

If we drink too little, the fluid is first lost from the extracellular spaces, then from the blood and finally from the cell. The blood thickens and flows more heavily through the thinnest of the hair vessels supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients. The brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and muscles suffer the most. Brain cells do not work optimally, there is a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, the heart works against more resistance and the muscles begin to produce more harmful waste products, reducing our performance. Our memory, concentration and overall mental vitality also suffer.

Znižovanie PET odpadu


Reducing PET waste at the individual level will be achieved by improving the quality and taste of tap water.  This will significantly reduce buying water from the store and producing PET waste.


The filtration PRO with chlorine-free water supports our immunity. It helps with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver, gallbladder, stomach and digestive disorders.  

Quality of life

We will learn to drink always fresh and tasty water, which will visibly improve the quality of life for us and our loved ones. 

Škodliviny vody z kohútiku
Staré vodovodné potrubia

Unfiltered tap water : YES or NO ?

Harmful health effects of chlorine

It is mandatory to chlorinate tap water. The chlorine in the water kills various bacteria that would be dangerous to us. But the problem is that chlorine itself is also very harmful to us.

Bad taste

It is the bad taste that is a major factor why most people refuse to drink tap water. It smells of chlorine and deposits from rusty pipes. These people buy mineral water from the shop because of this, producing a huge amount of PET waste, and in many cases the quality is no better - the water is often spoiled by improper storage in the shop.

More than 100 years old water pipes

In many towns in Slovakia, the pipes are more than 100 years old. Under the influence of time, they are clogged, rusty and contain various harmful metals that degrade the quality and taste of tap water.

Znižovanie PET odpadu
Znižovanie PET odpadu

Disadvantages of store-bought water

PET waste generated and low-quality plastic

Buying water from the store generates a huge amount of PET waste. It accumulates on the ground and causes many environmental problems. Just one average household throws away up to 1 460 PET bottles a year. The second problem with water bought in PET bottles is its reduced quality. The plastic is released into them over time which changes the original quality of the water and causes health problems.

Poor storage of water in the shop

Bottled water should be stored properly at temperatures up to 20 degrees. Otherwise, it may spoil. This is often not the case when it is stored on the distribution route. It is transported in unconditioned trucks, sits outside in the sun before storage and is kept out of refrigerators in stores. Because of this, we buy it from the store, especially in the summer months, considerably spoiled.

High price and the need to buy it regularly

Buying bottled water is the most expensive option for drinking. 1.5 litres of mineral water costs on average 0.6€. This amounts to €72 per month for a family of four and 180kg of shop-bought water when consuming one bottle per person per day.

Insufficient drinking

Because of the high price and the difficulty of handling the bottles, we drink little water. This has strong negative consequences on our health. An average 70kg person should drink at least 3 litres of pure water with a proper drinking regime, which would mean 2 bottles of store-bought mineral water a day.

When using Filtration PRO for a year you will save

+ 0
+ 0 pcs
Plastic bottles
+ 0 tons
Bottles transported


Filtration celeste PRO

The water is filtered through the active natural rocks of the filter in a similar way to spring water.

It is effective against:

  •  chlorine tap water (99%)
  • undesirable substances and odours in tap water
  • undesirable substances in the well itself (103 substances)

Celeste provides subsidies for the purchase of Celeste PRO professional filtration equipment as part of the Celeste EUŽP environmental projects. 

Chlorine-free water and 103 other pollutants

Celeste PRO filter successfully removes chlorine from water

Water suitable for infants

Treated filtered water reaches the quality of infant water

Low flat rate

For replacement filter refills low subsidised flat rate

Reducing PET waste

The Celeste environmental programme reduces PET waste production by up to 100%

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